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For guests who would like private yoga, there is a dedicated Palapa on lush lawn just steps from the beach. Open to the fresh air, and set in a garden with views of the beach and coastline, it’s an ideal spot for a fulfilling workout. Yoga instructors are available upon request. Please contact the resort at least 2 weeks in advance to reserve your classes. Classes must be paid in advance. Cancellations must be made with 48-hours’ notice otherwise the class fee will not be refunded.


Las Alamandas offers a wide variety of relaxing and rejuvenating massage techniques, performed by experienced therapists either in the privacy of your suite or in a peaceful Palapa nestled beside the ocean.

Massage Descriptions

This classic full-body massage uses oils and gentle circular strokes to achieve increased circulation and all-over relaxation.
A vigorous sports massage, it combines a variety of compressions, stretches and cross-fiber friction techniques.
This massage using traditional fluid Swedish movement interspersed with deeper, more therapeutic techniques to relieve areas of soreness and tension. It increases circulation, improves your range of motion and creates a sense of well-being.
This deep, warm, nurturing massage is applied with soft, round and heated river rocks bringing relief to inflamed and sore muscles. Warm stones are placed between your toes, along your spine and on the chakra centers of the body. The warmth of the stones feels wonderful and the weight of the stones add a feeling of grounding, inner peace, security and pure bliss.
Aromatherapy is an ancient art using aromatic blends of natural essential oils to calm one’s physical, mental and emotional state.
A pressure-point massage of the feet, it improves circulation, releases stress and relaxes the entire body.
A soft and pulsating light massage that enables the elimination of toxins by draining the lymphatic tissues. This helps to activate the correct cellular metabolism as the lymph glands act as the filter system for the body’s cells. The lymphatic system cleanses out inorganic toxins, dead cells, excess water, micro-organisms and other impurities.
This massage relaxes legs, back and hips, the parts of the mother-to-be’s body that need total relaxation, benefiting both mother and baby.

Thai Exfoliation – Special treatment using an exotic blend of sesame seeds, honey and lemon.

Salt Glow Exfoliation – Let your skin glow with this invigorating exfoliation that will make you feel rejuvenated and energized.

Hydrating Facial – Moisturizing and anti-aging treatment.

Sensitive Skin Facia l – Selected ingredients for sensitive or irritated skin.

Men’s Facial – Customized facial that includes a shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

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This secluded luxury resort with only 18 suites is a delightful Mexican paradise created by Isabel Goldsmith-Patiño offering the exclusive ambience of an elegant private estate with the highest standards of service and hospitality from a warm and caring staff.