Hotel Las Alamandas takes a stand for a healthy and diverse ecology. We are proud of the successful Turtle Release Program we established, which annually saves the lives of 15,000 of our city’s baby turtles. This is not only an important contribution to the environment, but also an unforgettable experience for our guests and visitors. We are pleased to invite you to take part in this program, which surely will complete your unique holiday experience.

The sea turtles’ spawning period takes place every year from July until February. One can occasionally see them during this period of time at Las Alamandas’ four private beaches. Because the species is threatened with extinction, we introduced the Turtle Release Program in 2006. Since then, raising awareness and helping the small turtles on their way to the sea has become an issue of growing importance. The liberation of the freshly hatched tiny creatures begins between August and March. Our experienced staff tells the participants more about the purpose of the initiative and gives some background information about these likeable sea animals. The turtles are an endangered species mostly because of the many natural predators they have when they are hatchlings, such as dogs, cats, seabirds and bigger fish. Knowing that out of 100 turtles, only two or three survive the next few years, lends even more importance to this protection program.

For our guests, participation is free of charge but requires reservations in advance. If you are staying at Las Alamandas during the season, you will receive information about the place and time the release will take place. To experience one of nature’s miracles from up close and with your own eyes is an exclusive opportunity and a memory that will last.